LVDSRX1 | OpenLDI Video Analyzer

  • 4 independent LVDS channels
  • 5D+1CLK per LVDS channel
  • LVDS clock rate up to 100 MHz
  • Aggregate pixel clock up to 300 MHz
  • Standard and non-standard video resolution support
  • Video timing detection
  • Burst capable video frame grabbing
  • Real-time video analyzer: BER/PER/PSN
  • Multiple & simultaneous ROI analysis
  • Video pixel depth: 18-30 bits
  • JEIDA and VESA selectable colour schemes
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The Flexmedia XM OpenLDI  modules are a versatile video analyzer based on the OpenLDI protocol. The LVDSRX1 module can then be used to analyze multimedia digital streams.

This OpenLDI chipset, integrated in the OpenLDI analyzer module, receive four independent LVDS streams, each of them carrying an independent video stream.

The LVDSRX1 module is ideally suited for test applications in the automotive industry:

  • Automotive equipment and Head-units
  • Consumer Display output testing