APIX2RD1 | APIX®2 Multimedia Stream Real-Time Analyzer

  • 6Gb/s INAP395R deserializer over (dual) twisted pair
  • Dual-link or Single-link up to 3 Gbps per link
  • Fully supported chipset functions
  • HDCP™ support
  • Dual independent video streams analysis
  • Video timing detection
  • Burst capable video frame grabbing
  • Real-time video analyzer: BER/PER/PSN
  • Multiple & simultaneous ROI analysis
  • Video pixel depth: 24 bits
  • Optional audio stream capture
  • Bidirectional sideband communication support
  • APIX®2 sideband 10/100BASE-T Ethernet
  • Gigabit POE Ethernet control interface
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The Flexmedia XM APIX2RD1 is a versatile video frame grabber and real-time frame analyzer.

It can then be used to receive and analyze multimedia streams coming from multimedia digital stream sources compatible with INAP395R.

The APIX2RD1 modules are ideally suited for test applications in the automotive industry including:

  • Automotive infotainment, instrument panel clusters
  • Multi-camera driver assistance systems
  • Automotive satellite RADAR & LIDAR modules