1. Alfamation and the WEEE Directive

When ordering an electrical or electronic article with delivery to a European address, please consider that local regulations on the disposal of and recycling of electrical and electronic equipment apply. The crossed-out wheeled bin symbol on our products or packaging indicates that this product should not be treated with municipal waste.

It must be returned to an appropriate collection point for the recycling of electrical and electronic equipment.

For example:

• In distribution points when purchasing equivalent equipment
• Via the collection and recycling scheme set up by our company
• Via an appropriate collection and recycling channel of your choice (local tip, recycling plants, re-employment centers specialized in recycling etc)

Following the publication of the European directive N° 2012/19/EU and to continue its commitment in the compliance with this regulation, Alfamation SpA has set up a WEEE collection and recycling service for their professional customers. We can handle the collection of your WEEE in the following case:

  1. If you have purchased an electrical or electronic appliance marked with the crossed-out wheelie bin symbol from Alfamation SpA, you can return an appliance of the same type that performs essentially the same functions as the new appliance.
  2. For information on the return of WEEE and recycling from Alfamation SpA (Germany/UK/France/Italy only) please contact

62 Rue St Lazare, 75009, Paris – France
Tel: +33 1 71 32 39 40 – +33 1 71 32 39 41
E-mail: info@erp-recycling.org