EDPGMSL2 | DisplayPort to GMSL2™ converter

  • MAX96747 dual-link serializer over (dual) twisted pair
  • Fully supported chipset functions
  • DisplayPort 1.4 compliant input: Mini DisplayPort connector
  • GMSL2 real-time video output: HSD® connector
  • Pixel Clock: up to 455 MHz
  • Video pixel depth: up to 24 bits


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SKU: 60031144832


Flexmedia XM EDPGMSL2 module is a DisplayPort to GMSL2 converter.

EDPGMSL2 receives a DisplayPort 1.4 compliant input and converts it into a GMSL2 real-time video output.
The GMSL2 output is based on a MAX96747 dual-link serializer over dual twisted pair.

The EDPGMSL2 module is ideally suited for test applications in the automotive industry:

  • Automotive Infotainment
  • Multi-camera driver assistance systems